We’ve Come A Long Way

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Things have been somewhat quiet as of late.  This is primarily because management and the board have been working very hard on the legal details of finalizing the partnership.   Sometimes all this planning for the future can be daunting so I have decided use this time to reflect upon how far the mountain has come.

In 1997 I convinced my college buddy to skip a day at Killington and try out the area where I grew up.  Pucker brush was above our heads, but we didn’t care.  I had waited seven years to ski those trails again a, few saplings weren’t going to stop me.

The red chair was kind of reddish and the towers were faded white with patches of rust tears.  It is amazing to see how far it has come not only from a cosmetic standpoint but also in terms of safety and reliability.  She was only down for one morning last season. That is less downtime than most new chairs experience a year!

Only six years ago “groomed” meant a cat had laid down one path of ice balls in the middle of the trail.  While our terrain is still much more natural than most, we have a “fleet” of two modern BR class grooming machines including a winch cat.  The grooming staff for the last two seasons has really been top notch and will be getting even better this year.

A busy day used to mean you would see 20 other riders.  The lifts would spin empty all day.  Now on powder days the red chair line is backed up to the green chair.   Dave and Rio greet you with great tunes blasting and Harley salutes you at the top.  The mountain once again has a real culture and a sense of identity.

While operating a classic ski area in today’s world of the mega-resort is no easy task, Magic is resilient.  Many people said we wouldn’t make it and laughed at us.

Magic has now been open twice as long as it was closed.

Dostal’s Remembered

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Once upon a time Dostal’s was the centerpiece of Magic’s Village.  For years Trudy Dostal ran the place impeccably.  This once proud inn had everything you could want in a classic “resort lodge.” A pool, tennis and impeccable rooms, Dostal’s provided true European hospitality.

Trudy had such a good reputation for running a fine establishment that Dostal’s thrived even when magic was closed from 1991-97.   The bar at Dostal’s was a regular evening hangout for Hans Thorner’s ski instructors and was integral to Hans’ original Swiss Village concept.

Unless you are an old timer you might not know that Trudy’s Run to the right of the Red Chair was named for Mrs. Dostal herself.  Today Dostal’s serves as employee housing for a nearby mountain.  The bright red shutters, beautiful flowers and Trudy’s hospitality are certainly missed.

Just Getting Started

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We’re back! And you thought we would ride off into the sunset when we hit 333 shares.  Despite the success of the partnership, there is still a lot of “saving” to do.

To achieve sustainability the mountain needs to put more skiers on the hill.  The mountain is working hard to implement a plan to provide increased snowmaking and improve operations.   This means Magic will be a more reliable place no matter what mother natures serves up.  So think about how you can get more people to the mountain you love.

Whether you re-tweet updates, like facebook posts or organize groups to tour the mountain.  You can help The Partnership succeed.  You don’t need to be a shareholder to be a part of the partnership.

The best thing you can do is to bring your family as this creates organic growth.  I am passionate about Magic because I have many fond memories of skiing here as a child.  The partnership is looking at how to improve the beginner and intermediate experience.

So stay tuned as we keep you apprised of upcoming improvements and more ways in which you can be part of the future success of Magic!

Ready For Lift Off

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We reached our goal of 333 shares and The Partnership will soon begin!  The board will be voted into place and the partnership can work towards closing.  It is time for the next chapter of Magic.

Thank you to everyone who came out to make this season of winterless weather fun and memorable.  Your support of the mountain is invaluable.  Most importantly thank you to the 333 who purchased shares.  We will make this happen.

Just In From the Hill!

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Saturday is “Spring Fling”!
Saturday is St Patrick’s Day!
Saturday is “Moustache Cape Day”!
I think the last one says it all. Come up and enjoy the last of spring skiing here and let’s just have some fun together. The weekend is supposed to be sunny and warm, so you’ll come back to work with a nice tan line, especially where your fake moustache was…
The Magic Alpine Club will host a fun race, free to all, on Show Off. Capes and Moustaches are expected to fly down the course. Simply sign up Saturday morning in the lodge.
Any one wearing a moustache or green will get 10% off tickets at the ticket booth.
Any one wearing a tartan/kilt will get 20% off a lift ticket (please remember your skivvies!)
Any one playing the bag pipes gets 50% off a ticket (less if you play poorly)
We’re grilling on the deck for lunch!
Spike Dog Tooth will be Irish folk/rockin’ apres ski
BLBP will be icing beers, mixing drinks and preparing some great food for apres and dinner (some Irish fare will be added as well!)
We have 20% off tickets for Saturday and Sunday (moustache or no moustache)–only online at our store here.
Please have a safe trip up to McMagic this weekend. We thank you for skiing and riding with us and let’s have some fun in the sun this weekend!
-The Magicment

Guy Douchette’s Cauldron of Fire

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Showoff Your Trick

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Retro G.N.A.R.

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So I’m a little behind the 8 ball, I only watched G.N.A.R. for the first time last week.  For those of you who haven’t seen G.N.A.R, it is a tribute to the late great Shane McConkey and the legacy he left behind.  The most important takeaway is that Shane reminded everyone that skiing was supposed to be fun.

I like to think that over the last few seasons “Saving Magic” we have had quite a bit of fun in the process.  Sometimes this fun is derived from necessity.  Magic doesn’t have a base village for shopping so when conditions are bad, we still ski.  After all, skiing two open trails wearing a fake moustache is far better than skiing thirty open trails with no moustache at all.

This weekend is Magic’s 50th anniversary retro day and après party, the Grande dame of Magic style fun. So put on your favorite retro gear and join in the fun all day and night long.   High jinks are sure to be about on the trails and in the lodge so throw on something ridiculous and see how much better you ski.

A Few Minutes on the Deck

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There has been a barrage of new shareholder pictures on Magic’s Facebook site since the partnership meeting MLK weekend.  Many of Magic’s family, both old and new, have been stepping up to push the share offering over and hopefully beyond the 300 mark.

A generous offer was made by a Magic Family wishing to remain anonymous to match every share sold by January 31st.  If you ever considered purchasing a share, now is the time as every share is worth two.

I am realizing for the first time that this is actually going to happen and cannot wait to see the mountain I love return to her former glory over the next few years.  Not too much change, but a bit more of the dignity she deserves.

I always take a few minutes at the end of the ski day to step out on the deck alone and gaze at Glebe.  From this vantage the hill looks exactly as it did when I was a child.  I reflect upon my runs that day or years of countless other memories.  I marvel at the sheer drop of Magician and the contours of Wizard.  Now I can enjoy this ritual knowing that there will be many more to come.

Let’s make this happen now.

Storm Troopin’

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