New 50th Season Patagonia Base Layers!

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Just in time for Magic’s 50th anniversary season Save Magic brings you this year’s annual shirt.  First we brought you the famous Blue Tee’s, next it was the Black Patagonia Base Layers.  This year we feature the new 50th Anniversary Logo Patagonia.

With only 42 shares left to go, we’re putting a little less emphasis on “Save” this season and celebrating our past and our bright future.  We think it’s a real sharp looking shirt and you do too.

As a ploy to boost day ticket sales, the shirts are only available at Magic, just ask for it at Snow Wizards or The Blackline Pub.  Don’t be the only one on the hill without one.

Hats Off To A Great Season!

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It’s snowing, your head is cold and you want to show your Magic pride.  That’s why the scientists back at the Save Magic laboratories came up with the Sorcerer’s Edition Magic pom-pom hat.  Last winter new hats popped up all season long in all different colors. The quality of the hat is incredible and I can’t say enough about the comfort. Tallu at hand crafts each hat with your choice of three colors and name.  This hat is worth every penny!

If pom-poms aren’t your thing get the Talisman version without a pom-pom.  We recommend pom-poms whenever possible.

To find out how to order click HERE

DPS Demo Center at Snow Wizards!

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Like you needed another reason to ski Magic this year.  Snow Wizards Ski Shop at the Magic Mountain base lodge has been selected as one of only four ski shops in Vermont to carry DPS Skis.  Chances are if you don’t own a pair you have never been on them.  These skis are hard to get your hands on due to high demand and limited production.

DPS has revolutionized ski construction technology with its use of carbon fiber and revolutionary shapes.  The bright yellow Wailer 112 RP’s are one of the most talked about skis this year owning Powder and Backcountry’s buyer’s guides.

Wailer 105

Snow Wizards will feature for demo a fleet of DPS Wailer 112 RP and Wailer 105 skis. The 112 is a rocker/camber design that eats up anything thrown its way.  The 105 has a touch of rocker in the tip and tail with a more traditional shape.  These skis are limited so make sure to book in advance!

Wailer 112 rp

I spent my first season on the 112’s last year expecting them to be my powder boards.  It took one run for them to earn the #1 spot in a quiver of nine.  These skis excel at just about everything except charging ice gates.  My legs feel 10 years younger because of the light swing weight.  With just the right amount of rocker v.s. camber my eyes began seeing completely new lines in the trees I never thought possible.  Because of the high quality Austrian race bases and stability of 112mm underfoot I found myself carving up groomers at rocket speed.

If you do one thing this winter, demo a DPS Wailer 112 RP.

Don’t forget to visit or Snow Wizards’ FACEBOOK page.

Lear more about DPS Skis HERE or HERE

SunglassPintglass Weekend

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A quick update. This weekend is Spring Fling SunglassPintglass weekend, so wear the dumbest sunglasses you own.  Feel free to throw on some retro gear and have fun.  Next weekend is costume mountain top party weekend so start planning your outfit now.

Save Magic pint glasses just came in and are available at the mountain only.  Also please note other than a few left at the bar, we are temporarily out of stickers and t-shirts!  That means there are almost 2000 t-shirts out there spreading the word.  We will let you know when more are available.

Here Comes Our Base

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As I write tonight it is bittersweet.  Tomorrow Magic should be blanketed with 12- 24” of powder and I have two more days of work left in the year.  Under normal circumstances this would be a “sick day” but ¼ of my income for 2010 will be earned in the next two days.  Sometimes life is cruel.

I hope that everyone who is fortunate enough to be able to go to Magic tomorrow does, as it should be epic.  I will have to live with knowing that I won’t be relegated to Trick and Showoff Wednesday and that the hill is about to get a much welcome base layer.

Speaking of base layers, Save Magic now has Patagonia Capilene, “Up Your Sleeve Limited Edition” base layers for sale!  Check out the picture of pro skiers, Crystal and Pearl Jakestein in theirs! Pick yours up at Snow Wizard’s or at the bar in the lodge.  Wear it wherever you ski and help spread the word about Magic!

Just Got My Sorcerer’s Hat

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Wow! This thing came out amazing!  I can’t say enough about the quality and craftsmanship.  Ullat Hats are classic and comfortable.  It makes me want to ski in a hat again.  Unlike the T-Shirts this is not a fundraiser but a great way to show off your Magic loyalty and support a local Vermont business. What better way to fight swine flu and saars this season?  Get your Sorcerer’s Special Edition Hat and stay warm for many winters to come.

To order visit HERE.

Get your Sorcerer’s Edition custom ski hat

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The latest way to spread the word this fall and winter.  Magic is a classic pom pom hat kind of place so we found a really nice lady who makes fantastic custom wool hats!  Customize the colors and put your name on it if you want!  You don’t want to be the only one in the bar without a custom pom pom hat, that would be silly. 

To order, pick out your colors at the following SITE, then email the good folks at at  Make sure you let them know you want the Magic Sorcerer’s edition, provide the three colors you liked on the SAMPLE PAGE and let them know if you want a name on the hat.  You should also provide your hat size if you know it to ensure a good fit.

So spread the word and wear it everywhere! Willis can’t stop talking about how great the quality is and mine is coming next in a different color combo, I’ll post a picture when it comes!