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The Wardrobe made the map last year but Mother Nature never let you try it. We agree it was very cruel of her.  An off map favorite for almost a decade, it was decided in 2011 the time had come to share The Wardrobe.

We all hope that Ullr will be a little more generous this year as Captain Cote has been hard at work clearing debris left over from Irene and the March 2011 ice storm.  Wardrobe will be one of the focal points of the workdays preparing it for the official debut.

For those who haven’t checked out Magic’s Wardrobe before, it is not for the faint of heart.  Tightly spaced trees and a steep pitch continue for almost 400 vertical feet. The pitch comes to a head wall and drops you into a beautiful clearing.  From there the rider has their choice of a bump filled logging road or mellow sapling fields.  At almost 800 vertical feet, this run doesn’t end!

Out of tradition I can’t disclose the location in this blog so check out THE MAP for yourself.


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