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We apologize for our hiatus this summer; we have been very busy working to help launch The Partnership.  Labor day has passed and it is time to reconnect with the Magic Faithful.

The focus of the fall will be Magic’s three volunteer workdays on September 22, October 6th and October 20nd.  There will be numerous projects to be completed from painting to cleaning storm damage from four designated glades.   The aim is to keep all Magic skiers involved in the partnership, not just shareholders.  So please come out and lend a hand, you will be proud you did when the snow falls!

We have debated what to do about the “save” part of Save Magic.  For now we are leaving it, as in this economic environment no independent ski area is truly safe.  It is important so support organizations such as Mountain Riders Alliance to sustain ski-centric mountains.  Wearing your Magic gear is a great way to start up a conversation and raise Magic awareness in the skiing community.  You can now follow us on twitter @savemagic.

So we will remain Save Magic as we begin the first chapter of The Magic Partnership. Let’s make it a long novel.

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