A Tradition in the Trees

Filed Under (Mountain Updates) by admin on 25-09-2012

During last Saturday’s volunteer session, Willis Sweitzenheimer was busy clearing a section of an off-map glade.  Out of the corner of his eye he noticed something sticking out of the ground.   It was the tip of a ski, a 1970’s Fischer with Spademan Bindings.  The ski had been there for at least thirty years.  This tells me one thing, the year that ski was lost must have been a pretty good season.

It also proves that people have been playing in Magic’s trees for decades.  The volunteer days at Magic continue the tradition of tree skiing on the hill.  While not as rogue as our brethren on Spademan bindings, the workdays permit us to perform glade maintenance in a planned manner.  We like to think of it as controlled chaos.

Tree skiing at Magic dates back to the 1960’s, when Twilight Zone was considered a revolutionary trail.  With today’s offering of on-map glades like the Hallows and The Wardrobe, we at Magic invite you to share in our stashes.  Just ask anyone at the bar for a tour of our trees, we would be happy to share.

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