A Tradition in the Trees

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During last Saturday’s volunteer session, Willis Sweitzenheimer was busy clearing a section of an off-map glade.  Out of the corner of his eye he noticed something sticking out of the ground.   It was the tip of a ski, a 1970’s Fischer with Spademan Bindings.  The ski had been there for at least thirty years.  This tells me one thing, the year that ski was lost must have been a pretty good season.

It also proves that people have been playing in Magic’s trees for decades.  The volunteer days at Magic continue the tradition of tree skiing on the hill.  While not as rogue as our brethren on Spademan bindings, the workdays permit us to perform glade maintenance in a planned manner.  We like to think of it as controlled chaos.

Tree skiing at Magic dates back to the 1960’s, when Twilight Zone was considered a revolutionary trail.  With today’s offering of on-map glades like the Hallows and The Wardrobe, we at Magic invite you to share in our stashes.  Just ask anyone at the bar for a tour of our trees, we would be happy to share.


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The Wardrobe made the map last year but Mother Nature never let you try it. We agree it was very cruel of her.  An off map favorite for almost a decade, it was decided in 2011 the time had come to share The Wardrobe.

We all hope that Ullr will be a little more generous this year as Captain Cote has been hard at work clearing debris left over from Irene and the March 2011 ice storm.  Wardrobe will be one of the focal points of the workdays preparing it for the official debut.

For those who haven’t checked out Magic’s Wardrobe before, it is not for the faint of heart.  Tightly spaced trees and a steep pitch continue for almost 400 vertical feet. The pitch comes to a head wall and drops you into a beautiful clearing.  From there the rider has their choice of a bump filled logging road or mellow sapling fields.  At almost 800 vertical feet, this run doesn’t end!

Out of tradition I can’t disclose the location in this blog so check out THE MAP for yourself.


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This is the brochure for the Red Chair from Arthur Thorner’s desk.  By the time the order was filled Heron had merged with Poma.   The Red Chair is a 1971 Heron-Poma fixed grip double chair.

Bob Heron was a pioneering lift engineer building lifts such Cannon’s Original Tramway and the nation’s first single cable double chair at Berthoud Pass, CO.  He was known as a conservative engineer with an excellent safety record.  Bob retired in 1977 but worked as a consultant on Cannon’s current Tram in 1980.

It only makes sense that America’s greatest lift designer built the Red Chair. I will ride easier next time knowing Magic has Tomorrow’s Features Today!


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We apologize for our hiatus this summer; we have been very busy working to help launch The Partnership.  Labor day has passed and it is time to reconnect with the Magic Faithful.

The focus of the fall will be Magic’s three volunteer workdays on September 22, October 6th and October 20nd.  There will be numerous projects to be completed from painting to cleaning storm damage from four designated glades.   The aim is to keep all Magic skiers involved in the partnership, not just shareholders.  So please come out and lend a hand, you will be proud you did when the snow falls!

We have debated what to do about the “save” part of Save Magic.  For now we are leaving it, as in this economic environment no independent ski area is truly safe.  It is important so support organizations such as Mountain Riders Alliance to sustain ski-centric mountains.  Wearing your Magic gear is a great way to start up a conversation and raise Magic awareness in the skiing community.  You can now follow us on twitter @savemagic.

So we will remain Save Magic as we begin the first chapter of The Magic Partnership. Let’s make it a long novel.

From The Mountain

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Magic Faithful:As the summer nears its unofficial end, our thoughts turn to the new
2012-13 ski season. And, with the economy still sluggish and costs 
continuing to rise for everyone, Magic just announced we are refusing (again) to hike lift ticket prices for the new season (still under $60 for weekends and under $40 weekdays).

While we can’t turn back the clock to $5 tickets of the 1960s, Magic 
is trying to stay true to the original roots of the sport in the type 
of skiing and riding experience the mountain offers–and along with 
that, attempting to hold the line as much as possible on ticket 
pricing so an already expensive sport remains within reach for more people.

Magic 3-Packs go on sale with this newsletter!

This is Magic’s favorite way to save even more on tickets–and they also make great holiday or birthday gifts. The 3-pack of tickets are good anytime during the ‘12-’13 season and are transferable (hence the gift giving part). And, they cost just $129, saving almost 30%! Vouchers for the 3-pack tickets will only be sold before December, so now is the time to buy.

Click for more information and to purchase 3-packs

Save $50 on each Season Pass until Oct. 8th

The Farmer’s Almanac is predicting a return to a colder, snowier winter which will make all the work our crew is doing on the snowmaking system, trail mowing and lift maintenance even more gratifying to our season-long skiers and riders. There is only one month left to save $50 on each unrestricted season pass. Magic passes are over 50% less than any major resort and give both families and young adults an affordable skiing and riding alternative (without the black outs of “value” passes). Unrestricted College passes are also on sale for just $149–which means, you ski here 3 times and you’re already skiing for free by the afternoon of your third day! That leaves a lot more money for gas (and other necessities of college life).

Click here for more information and to buy season passes


TimberQuest at Magic is open for Labor Day Weekend and the Fall!

The reviews have been awesome since the grand opening last weekend with both the young and not-so-young enjoying hours of fun and challenge some 10′ to 40′ up in the trees. Between the 60+ obstacles, features and zip lines, TimberQuest gets you unplugged and recharged in the beautiful woods of Magic. Come venture here this Labor Day weekend!

Visit TimberQuestParks.com for more information and reserve tickets

Black Line Brew Pub is Open

While you are up here this weekend, be sure to drop by the Black Line Brew Pub for drinks, dinner and music. The deck is a great spot to get some sun, a refreshing beverage, and tasty Vermont farm-fresh food!

We look forward to seeing you here! Think sun!

-The Magicment

P.S. Please pass this Alpine Update on to your friends and acquaintances who might be interested in experiencing something different and not just following the crowd down the same worn path…

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