43 is Enough

Filed Under (History Updates) by admin on 27-06-2012

In 1987 a little bit of Strange Magic occurred.  New owner Simon Oren waved his wand and Magic Mountain became “The Magic Mountains”.  Oren built two trails to connect Timber Ridge ski area on the back of Glebe Mountain.  With the new Timberside, Magic was now poised to compete with its larger neighbors.

During this unique period at Magic, the trail count suddenly jumped to 72 trails. The blue double transformed into a black triple chair and the mid-station disappeared.  Skiers would strut their stuff on Red Top, Redline and Red 944.  While nothing screams 1987 like a Red 944, I’m glad we just call the whole thing Redline now.

With the new connector trails, Grant Goodeve could ski from his house on Timberside to Magicside for just $15 mid-week! A day might include a warm up run on Firestar before heading over to hit Duck Jibe and a ride up the Timberside Link Chair.

Rest assured Magic has resolved its identity crisis with no intention of “tricking” people into thinking it is a big resort.  Magic may be the only ski mountain to have intentionally reduced its trail count in the last ten years.    So take off your T-Tops, take a drive and see how Magic has returned to its roots.

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