Just Getting Started

Filed Under (Mountain Updates) by admin on 18-05-2012

We’re back! And you thought we would ride off into the sunset when we hit 333 shares.  Despite the success of the partnership, there is still a lot of “saving” to do.

To achieve sustainability the mountain needs to put more skiers on the hill.  The mountain is working hard to implement a plan to provide increased snowmaking and improve operations.   This means Magic will be a more reliable place no matter what mother natures serves up.  So think about how you can get more people to the mountain you love.

Whether you re-tweet updates, like facebook posts or organize groups to tour the mountain.  You can help The Partnership succeed.  You don’t need to be a shareholder to be a part of the partnership.

The best thing you can do is to bring your family as this creates organic growth.  I am passionate about Magic because I have many fond memories of skiing here as a child.  The partnership is looking at how to improve the beginner and intermediate experience.

So stay tuned as we keep you apprised of upcoming improvements and more ways in which you can be part of the future success of Magic!