Just In From the Hill!

Filed Under (Mountain Updates) by admin on 16-03-2012

Saturday is “Spring Fling”!
Saturday is St Patrick’s Day!
Saturday is “Moustache Cape Day”!
I think the last one says it all. Come up and enjoy the last of spring skiing here and let’s just have some fun together. The weekend is supposed to be sunny and warm, so you’ll come back to work with a nice tan line, especially where your fake moustache was…
The Magic Alpine Club will host a fun race, free to all, on Show Off. Capes and Moustaches are expected to fly down the course. Simply sign up Saturday morning in the lodge.
Any one wearing a moustache or green will get 10% off tickets at the ticket booth.
Any one wearing a tartan/kilt will get 20% off a lift ticket (please remember your skivvies!)
Any one playing the bag pipes gets 50% off a ticket (less if you play poorly)
We’re grilling on the deck for lunch!
Spike Dog Tooth will be Irish folk/rockin’ apres ski
BLBP will be icing beers, mixing drinks and preparing some great food for apres and dinner (some Irish fare will be added as well!)
We have 20% off tickets for Saturday and Sunday (moustache or no moustache)–only online at our store here.
Please have a safe trip up to McMagic this weekend. We thank you for skiing and riding with us and let’s have some fun in the sun this weekend!
-The Magicment

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