New England Snow Guarantee

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Attention skiers! Magic guarantees that it could potentially snow this weekend!  Snow totals may be up to three feet or as little as 0 inches.  Expect either bluebird skies or thick dense clouds as we ride on somewhere from 0-43 trails!

Conditions are expected to be either frozen granular, powder, packed powder, icy, or machine groomed, with a natural man made primary surface.

Enough Mother Nature, please hear our call.  Let this be a white Christmas.

New 50th Season Patagonia Base Layers!

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Just in time for Magic’s 50th anniversary season Save Magic brings you this year’s annual shirt.  First we brought you the famous Blue Tee’s, next it was the Black Patagonia Base Layers.  This year we feature the new 50th Anniversary Logo Patagonia.

With only 42 shares left to go, we’re putting a little less emphasis on “Save” this season and celebrating our past and our bright future.  We think it’s a real sharp looking shirt and you do too.

As a ploy to boost day ticket sales, the shirts are only available at Magic, just ask for it at Snow Wizards or The Blackline Pub.  Don’t be the only one on the hill without one.

The Wizard on the Corner

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There is a double dose of good news tonight.

First up despite prior news, Snow Wizards will be re-opening on the end of the access road as well as in the lodge!  Read all about it at the Snow Wizards FACEBOOK site.  Make sure to pay a visit to Dick, Sharon, Andrew and all this season and check out the coveted DPS Wailer 112RP ski that cleaned up this year’s Powder buyer’s guide.  We are very glad the corner of the access road will still have a Wizard watching over it!

Secondly, Mother Nature seems to be turning the corner just in time for Magic’s anticipated opening day of December 17th.  Temps are already dropping and the national weather forecast is calling for 10-14 inches to fall on Londonderry tonight.  Let’s hope they are right I want to ride my Red Chair.

Magic Home

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Opening day at Magic is not about the most terrain, as a matter of fact there is usually one way down.  Opening day means a lot of high fives, the brightest red chairlift in the universe and flying down my favorite mountain with good friends.

I have been fortunate enough to ski many places over my 35 years.  From countless valleys of powder out west to Austrian glaciers in August, skiing plays a huge role in my life.  Part of the skiing’s inherent beauty is that it takes you to magnificent places.

Of the many places I have skied, I still get most excited about opening day at Magic.  The first few turns down Trick, Harley yelling at people to keep the unloading area clear, shot skis in the bar, Snow Wizards and Slash.  These are just a few examples of why Magic is home and why everywhere else is just a place to ski.  See you in a few weeks.