Road Trip

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The Save Magic Crew decided we needed to get our legs going prior to Magic’s anticipated opening of December 17th.  A team of 8 highly equipped Magic Shareholders headed north to the big city…Killington.

There is nothing like those first few turns to remind you why you dream all summer long.  I have to hand it to Killington this early season.  They have fought hard against adverse weather and a major flooding disaster to have the most extensive terrain open in the east.

The gondola was like a space ship compared to old red.  We got the one that looks like a hot tub of course.  The obvious downside was the holiday crowd.  All that lift capacity worked a bit too well.  One of our group pointed out that his $3000 share has been well worth having virtually private trails for the last two seasons.  I would concur.

After skiing we headed to the Lookout Bar and Grill and immediately spotted “Chairholder” Jon R. sporting his Save Magic Shirt!  It’s always nice to see the shirts getting around.  Keep up the good work!

I have to admit our trip was a blast. It is always good to ride with other Magic skiers and the change of venue is refreshing.  That said I can’t wait to do it on our own turf.  The ski world certainly needs a place like Killington but skiers need a place like Magic.

Important Message If You Pledged a Chair!

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Thank you to everyone who pledged to paint a chair!  The chair now has new footrests, new seats, new paint and a great deal of maintenance has been performed. Good Old Red is waiting for you on opening day!

We are getting ready to make the plaque and will be notifying you by email Thursday November 17 for you to submit the name you want to appear on the sign.  If you don’t get an email on Thursday please email us at and get us your information.

If you pledged but did not pay please let us know if you still want your chair.  We will be reassigning chairs to the waiting list starting Thanksgiving.

New Logo and Website!

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Tonight Magic launched the new website and logo!  The new logo pays homage to the original double M logo of the Hans Thorner years while symbolizing a new era at Magic.

The website now reflects that Magic is a skier’s mountain, centered on community and the Partnership.  I will let the site do the talking……

New Cats Abound

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While we have been weathering the Halloween storm, the folks at Magic have been hard at work getting ramped up for season.

As many of you know, Matt Lillard accepted a phenomenal new job.  We will all miss him greatly as he settles in at our new sister mountain in Alaska.  We would like to thank Matt for his tireless dedication and wish him the best as the new General Manager of Eaglecrest Alaska!

Geoff Hathaway will be leading and implementing Magic’s new marketing plan.  Many of you know Geoff and his family, as he is an avid member of the Magic skiing community.  Geoff has an extensive full time career in marketing and PR and studied at Dartmouth.  Geoff will be overseeing marketing from a macro perspective shaping and implementing Magic’s new era.  Make sure to take a run with Geoff if you can keep up.

To further the effort of improved snow product, Magic has a new winch cat coming December 1st.  The Prinoth BR350 is the big brother of everyone’s favorite purple Bombardier BR275.  It will be replacing the Piston Bully Edge, which while a great machine, was never the right fit for Magic’s terrain.

The new cat has a winch so it will be able to work in tandem with the purple cat, packing a solid base layer down on steeper terrain.  Having a uniform fleet (Both cats are BR models) will allow for many interchangeable parts and tools, streamlining maintenance.

Save Magic can’t wait to see our “new cats” in action.  We congratulate Geoff in his expanded role at Magic.