Hats Off To A Great Season!

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It’s snowing, your head is cold and you want to show your Magic pride.  That’s why the scientists back at the Save Magic laboratories came up with the Sorcerer’s Edition Magic pom-pom hat.  Last winter new hats popped up all season long in all different colors. The quality of the hat is incredible and I can’t say enough about the comfort. Tallu at vermontwinterhats.com hand crafts each hat with your choice of three colors and name.  This hat is worth every penny!

If pom-poms aren’t your thing get the Talisman version without a pom-pom.  We recommend pom-poms whenever possible.

To find out how to order click HERE

Fall Work Updates

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Work weekend #3 was a great success with crews spread out around the base and on the hill.  While Slide of Hans got a haircut, a crew led by Matthias Werkmann finished up a new glade.  Check out the pictures on MAGIC’S FACEBOOK SITE.

The Save Magic crew did a lot of sprucing up around the base of Red Chair.  A great deal of painting and cleaning was performed. The Chair is the heart of Magic and we want her to look really good this opening day.  Matthias wins the prize for hand scrubbing the entire drive-terminal, bullwheel and engine room!

Red has a busy schedule before December 15th.  In a few weeks she will get a cable splice that will bring the bottom bullwheel forward and raise the counter weight.  After this both red and black chairs will undergo a full load test with jugs of water simulating passenger weight.  Both chairs have also undergone substantial NDT (Non-destructive Testing).  This program provides the mountain with important data about the useful life of various lift parts, increasing lift reliability.

The best part about work weekend #3 was the opportunity to meet some of the expanded crew you will see at Magic this year.  The mountain has a new dedicated lift mechanic with lots of training from one of those “Big” resorts!  He is passionate about the lifts, the mountain and is very impressed Magic’s sense of community.

There will be a lot of announcements over the next month so stay tuned both here and on MAGIC’S FACEBOOK SITE.

DPS Demo Center at Snow Wizards!

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Like you needed another reason to ski Magic this year.  Snow Wizards Ski Shop at the Magic Mountain base lodge has been selected as one of only four ski shops in Vermont to carry DPS Skis.  Chances are if you don’t own a pair you have never been on them.  These skis are hard to get your hands on due to high demand and limited production.

DPS has revolutionized ski construction technology with its use of carbon fiber and revolutionary shapes.  The bright yellow Wailer 112 RP’s are one of the most talked about skis this year owning Powder and Backcountry’s buyer’s guides.

Wailer 105

Snow Wizards will feature for demo a fleet of DPS Wailer 112 RP and Wailer 105 skis. The 112 is a rocker/camber design that eats up anything thrown its way.  The 105 has a touch of rocker in the tip and tail with a more traditional shape.  These skis are limited so make sure to book in advance!

Wailer 112 rp

I spent my first season on the 112’s last year expecting them to be my powder boards.  It took one run for them to earn the #1 spot in a quiver of nine.  These skis excel at just about everything except charging ice gates.  My legs feel 10 years younger because of the light swing weight.  With just the right amount of rocker v.s. camber my eyes began seeing completely new lines in the trees I never thought possible.  Because of the high quality Austrian race bases and stability of 112mm underfoot I found myself carving up groomers at rocket speed.

If you do one thing this winter, demo a DPS Wailer 112 RP.

Don’t forget to visit www.snowwizards.com or Snow Wizards’ FACEBOOK page.

Lear more about DPS Skis HERE or HERE

Take The Plunge

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Do you know the long steep section of Redline where the Red Chair turns into an elevator?  My buddy Jeff usually skis the left.  I prefer the right line with the small ledge after the fourth turn.  Charging side by side under the chair, the eyes above add that extra element of pressure.  This is just one of the reasons why Redline is Magic’s signature trail.

After thirty years I know every drop, line and rock on the run and it still finds a way to school me.  One is hard pressed to find an “on the map” run this challenging, long and varied south of Killington.  Redline is a shining example of why Magic’s terrain is its finest asset.

Skiing Redline is an adventure with several distinct chapters.  Most storied is the double cliff directly under the chair.  Depending on whether you stick it or not dictates the cheers or jeers from above.  In the old days there was no way around, now a single chute offers a second option.

After the double cliff, a nice long stretch of “showoff” bumps leads to the plunge.  You can stop at the top and pick your line, but charging the lip is liable to muster a better reaction from the chair.

Following the plunge you land in the boulders section where large rock pillows create a natural terrain park.  Watch the kids do back flips or pull out a good old spread eagle.  All things considered, the most challenging aspect of Red is the fact that someone always wants to ski it last run.


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Does your season pass have blackout dates?  Well then you need the Magic White-Out Pass!  When your home hill asks you to stay away, come meet your new friendly neighbors over at Magic.

Whether you buy it as a second pass or simply want to avoid the Holiday Crowds elsewhere, the White-Out Pass is a great value at $249.  It is valid Christmas/New Years Week, Martin Luther King Weekend and President’s Week.

Make the most of your holidays and breathe a sigh of relief when you pull up the access road.  Holiday periods are actually fun and relaxing at Magic.    Be warned, as we are fairly certain that once you taste the Magic, you will be upgrading to a full season pass.

Buy it now at Magic’s Pass Purchase Page