Skinning Is For The Dogs

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We have spent all summer talking about the Red Chair, but have failed to mention another great way up.  Magic has a very friendly skinning policy, more so than most ski areas in the East.

Now we all know the purists love their tech inserts, but I was lucky enough to grab a pair of Marker Barron’s a few seasons back.  Long ago when Magic’s snow surface was not as reliable as it is today, we learned to be resourceful.  I thought the A/T bindings would add variety on the days that skiing is confined to blue cruiser runs.  In the east, those days happen.

My first skin was from Timberside to the top of the Red Chair.  This was a whole new way to experience Magic. My crew created a fantastic adventure out of what would have been an average ski day with marginal conditions.

Four years later the majority of my touring is relegated to Magic as time is tight and I like to spend my weekends around the hill.  I have found however that skins are quite versitile. Last season on most Saturdays, I made a habit of taking my mutt Lexi and her friends Piper and Baxter for a 4:00 lap.  They love to run up and down and I manage to work off at least two beers in advance of hitting Goniff’s.  Most importantly, I get one extra run and some time to reflect upon the great ski day I just had.

Southern Vermont had a windstorm last President’s Weekend and most mountains were without Power.  Another great opportunity for the skins to help make lemonade out of lemons.  Rumor has it they are also handy for a dawn patrol run powder run, if you can get up that early. In sum I have learned that touring can be whatever you want it to be.  For those who are not ready to summit the Eiger, Magic is a great place to enjoy touring.  Mix it in with your regular day or take a side country adventure.  Do it because we are lucky to have a mountain that encourages going up hill as well as down.

12 Minutes in Heaven

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It has come to our attention that some people think the Red Chair is slow and old fashioned.  Thank You!  Magic skiers look forward to the twelve minutes up for many reasons.  Even with a ten-minute lift line, the mountain takes hours to track out on a powder day.  I personally prefer waiting 12 minutes for the privilege of fresh tracks at 3:00 pm.

While many of our memories are made in that powder, the ride up can be just as fun.  You meet people on the way down, but  you get to know them on the way up.  A few years ago I ended up on the chair with some guy who was even more obsessed with Magic than me.  This will be the 5th season we are sharing a ski house.  High-speed quads are very efficient, just not when it comes to forging friendships.

The Red Chair delivers over 1600 vertical in one full shot.  Magic has no trail pods so everything starts and finishes at the red.  Trail pods in the east tend to be 800-1000 vertical offering a quick up and down.  Magic was designed to maximize its vertical delivering up to 1.6 miles of down time. If you knock out Magic top to bottom without stopping, you will want the twelve-minute ride, I promise.

I hope to spend hours on the Red Chair and with the Black Chair running backup and Holidays this season, lines should be even shorter.  Now come make those lines happen, grab some powder and make a friend.

Saddle Up

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A great deal has gone on since our last post most noticeably Hurricane Irene.  Magic was very fortunate to escape substantial damage.  Lower Mystery required a fair amount of repair along with some washed out snowmaking pipe.  Compared to many neighboring areas and towns Magic was reasonably unscathed.  Please make an effort this season to inject some money into the local economy when possible.  Save Magic made a modest donation to one of the rebuilding efforts and we encourage you to do the same.

On a positive note, season passes are now on sale and early purchase pricing ends 10/10/11. Please visit the mountain’s website to purchase yours now!  College students, college passes are only $149.00.  If you don’t buy a Magic Season Pass at that price, perhaps college wasn’t the right decision.

Photos:Tom Walsh

Today the new wood seats were installed on the Red Chair and boy does the lift look great.  A new valve house was also installed near the Red Chair base.  When you look at what a difference all of the small improvements have made collectively, one must consider how amazing the mountain would be with an additional One Million dollars of pure capital improvement.

This summer’s improvements will mean more reliable and increased snowmaking, grooming and lifts.  We encourage you to come on up this winter and experience the change first hand.  Experience a ski area that emphasizes community and skiing.  Consider being one of the next 40 shareholders and help launch the Magic Partnership.