New Wood Seats

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All the chairs are painted and the summit bullwheel is almost complete.  We could not have done it with out all your help so thank you!  The hard working crew from Tower Dogs will be off to the Berkshires to go paint some other lifts but back to do some touch up once all seats and footrests are in place.

The good folks at Bensonwood over in NH have begun building our new seats.  Dave  from Bensonwood reported “177 new seats were cut, sweat was dripped, beer was drank. Yahoo! Gotta paint and stain them tomorrow and Thursday night now.. getting them all ready so we can install them on old Red Sept 17th!!”

Now its time to mark your calendars with some important dates:

Volunteer Days will be:

Saturday September 24

Saturday October 8th

Saturday October 22nd

Season Pass sales start 9/1/11

Early purchase ends 10/10/11

We’re Seeing Red

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The paint is going on and you made it happen!   I think it is safe to say the Red Chair will be worthy of its name this upcoming season!  Dull has not been an adjective used to describe the red chair’s new look.  I say the brighter the better!  The chair is now a symbol of what can be accomplished when management and skiers communicate well and work together to accomplish their goals.

While the tower dogs worked hard on painting the chair, the mountain ops crew finished up summer snowmaking repairs!  Look for added snowmaking on three west side runs!  Once a large section of Wizard’s pipe was replaced, the crew moved over to Blackline and Witch.  In addition, the pipe on Sorcerer was evaluated for repairs and should be online for the 2012-13 season.

The crew has now shifted focus to getting the Black Chair fully functional for this season!  When the Red Chair painting is done the boys will move over to the Red Chair to install the new wooden seats, footrest protectors and apply numbers.  This will be followed by annual maintenance and a full load test on both chairs!  Happy 40th birthday old red!

Got Stain?

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Save Magic finally got an up close and personal look at the fine work the folks at tower dogs have been performing.  We are happy to report that all 177 chairs have been primed and prepared.  Painting should start tomorrow or Wednesday this week!

To restore each chair, the painters have removed all rust and several layers of red paint with both with a grinder and a brush.  The metal is then prepared with marine grade (boat) primer, the dull red/brown color shown in the photos.

Surface rust had begun to form where the chair frame meets the hanger arm.  Over time this could have been a problem forcing Magic to replace the chairs.  The rust has now been removed and as you can see by the picture here, the frame is completely sealed and protected from the elements.

In addition to the paint job, the chairs are getting new wood seats and rubber footrest covers.  We have enough pledged to cover the above costs but have decided it would be best to stain the new wood so it lasts longer.  If you have any extra wood stain in your garage that you don’t need and you are able to drop it at the mountain in the next few weeks, we would really appreciate it. The color doesn’t matter as the wood will be covered by the pads.  Even half an old can will go a long way.

We want this project to be funded entirely by donation so the mountain can use last year’s funds on this year’s snowmaking and grooming.  So far we have the entire cost pledged.  We have close to 80% of the funds collected.  If you are part of the 20% who have not paid, please let us know if you still want your chair in the next week. We have a waiting list and will start to re-assign chairs August 11th.   If you would like to be on the waiting list please email us.