A Primer in Chairlift Restoration

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If you ever happen to have a chairlift or amusement park ride that needs a repaint we can’t speak highly enough about the hard working folks from Tower Dogs lift painting!  If you think it takes a long time to ride up, imagine grinding and priming it in 100 degree heat.

Over ¾ of the chairs have been prepped and are ready for painting.  We have learned that the hard part is in the preparation.  The two workers average about 12 chairs a day.  Once they are all primed the Safety Red will be applied.  We promise pictures as soon as the red paint starts flowing.

The new snowmaking pipe on Wizard was tested this week and passed.  The crew made final tweaks and will be moving on to the crew is going to move on to Witch and Blackline.

Look forward to a big party celebrating the 40th anniversary of the Red Chair.  She is going to look great this season.

In other news, Everyone’s favorite snowboard instructor, Slash, turns 25 this week, so if you see him, give him a big hug.

177 Pledges!

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We did it; pledge number 177 came in this evening. Over ¾ of the funds have been collected and the painting has begun!  The chairs are currently being stripped, primed and prepped. If you are still interested let us know via email and we will put you on the waiting list.  We will be reaching out to the people who have pledged but have not paid over the next few weeks.  We will make chairs available if and when people decide to opt out.

When we put the wheels in action back in April never did we imagine a waiting list! While Jim has been fantastic in offering to make up any shortfall it has been Save Magic’s goal to cover 100% of the project cost.  We thought we had a big challenge in front of us but The Magic Faithful have proven us wrong!

Throughout this project we are constantly reminded of the quality people that ski Magic.  A big thank you should go out to Kingsley R and Jeff N for supporting us by setting up our spreadsheet, distribution list and seeking donors.  Thank you to Tom W and Save Magic’s own Greg, your wonderful gifts jumpstarted the whole project.

We would also like to mention the Nelson family has put a chair in memory of Larry Nelson.  Without Larry and the Nelson family, the Magic Partnership would not have been a possibility.  We must not forget Todd and Terrance who have provided all the prep work and mechanical upgrades to the chair.  A big thank you to Jim and Tom for allowing us to take on such a project and keeping the chair turning as the partnership gets on its feet.

Most of all thank you Matt for your tireless devotion to Magic and allowing us to “Save Magic.”  While we have been skiing, making movies and wearing capes you have been on the ground making it all possible.  You and your wonderful family have saved Magic.