Magic Colorado?

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Western style runs don’t exactly come to mind when Magic is brought up.  Tree skiing and narrow trails are often the lore but is the variety of the trails that keeps me coming back.

For the Colorado lover in you Magic has Talisman.  Charge it with some fresh snow and you will understand.  This trail lets you carve wide powder arcs while negotiating sustained steep pitches.  As a reward you get the lower section to open up and point ‘em.

When the snow breaks up later in the afternoon, charge it head on letting the snow check your speed.  Keep a straight line, but remember, just as it mellows out it will throw that second headwall at you!

A recent phenomenon occurred this spring as Talisman became a bump run.  The Trail’s exposure provides direct sunlight long into the afternoon.  As a result of Magic’s increased skier visits it once again gets moguls!  Talisman in the spring at 4:30 is the best place to run bumps.

Summer Updates

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Weather permitting the painting of the Red Chair will happen next week.   There are only 21 chairs left for people to pledge.   I can’t think of a better father’s day gift than to put Dad’s name on the Red Chair plaque.  We have collected about 2/3rds of the money, so thanks to those who have sent their check to the mountain.

In other news Snowmaking repairs continue on the hill.  Lower Magic Carpet had a few leaks from last season repaired and Vertigo now has operational snowmaking for the first time in years!  The section of Wizard below Slide of Hans is getting entirely new snowmaking pipe.  This will provide even more reliable skiing on the west side next season!

While the chairs are getting restored by the good folks at Tower Dogs Painting, the AEBI trail mower will be out for its first round of trimming for the off season.  Stay tuned for news about volunteer days.  We will need plenty of brush clearers but also painters and general workers.  Think of what skill you could provide…… we are all ears.

Almost There on the Red Chair

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If you didn’t pledge a chair you better hurry up!  Only 24 more chairs remain, meaning we are just $2400 shy of our $17,700 goal.  We are currently in the process of collecting checks so thank you to the many of you who have paid!

We have also received several inquires regarding how to pay. If you pledged and haven’t received an email from Save Magic, please shoot us an email to make sure your chair is on the spreadsheet.  We had pledges coming in from this site, email, facebook, Alpinezone, Snowjournal, Nelsap and TGR.  It was difficult to figure out which email and screen name matched each person, but we believe we have it correctly.  We are also missing a few email addresses so that might also be the reason if you were not contacted.

As we near the finish line, the contract is signed and the safety red paint has been ordered.  Hopefully by July 4th our chair will look like it does in this 1982 photo.  Check out the angled unloading ramp……… as if it wasn’t steep enough head on!