Spare Parts

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As you may have heard we are painting the Red Chair to celebrate Magic’s 50th Anniversary.  It also happens to be the Red Chair’s 40th birthday this summer.  Stay tuned all off season and learn more about the chair we all love.

To the right is a letter from Heron/Poma, manufacturer of the lift, to Arthur Thorner. The letter is a quote for spare parts for the brand new lift.  Believe it or not replacement parts are still available today for the Red Chair through a company in Spokane, WA.  This is not the case with the Black Chair, where most parts have to be machined.

142 chairs have been pledged to date.  Thank you to those who have sent in their checks!  Help paint the Red Chairs because replacements don’t cost $145 anymore!

Time to Pay

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The contract to paint the Red Chair has been drawn!  The chair will be painted at the end of the Month in a bright coat of Safety Red.  138 Chairs have been pledged to date. This leaves only 39 chairs for the taking,  so contact to claim yours before they are gone!

Thank you to those who have pledged thus far.  You should have received an email with payment instructions.  If you did not please contact us so your name is on the distribution list.

Once you have pledged a chair with Save Magic, payment should be sent directly to the mountain by check only please. Make checks payable to Magic Mountain and in the “for” location please write “Red Chair Donation.”

Please make sure we have your email address as we will be contacting you later in the summer to confirm names and spelling for the Plaque.

Thank You, it is amazing to see what we as Magic skiers can accomplish!

126 Chairs Pledged

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Red Chair Circa 1982 - Courtesy of Harley Archives

The Red Chair will be painted at the end of the month.   We currently sit at 126 chairs pledged, well on our way to our goal of 177.   Magic skiers like you have pledged $12,600 in just one month.  It is pretty incredible to think what we as Magic fans can accomplish.

The chair is scheduled to be painted in three weeks weather permitting so we are making our final push to get as close as possible to $17,700.  Reach out to your friends, put a chair in the name of your family, son, daughter, company or friend.

We truly believe in the concept of a mountain owned, run and enjoyed by its riders.  Every $100 will help ensure the Red chairs last well into the future and is a great way to help Magic move towards rider ownership.  Think of it as $17,000 that can now be put into snowmaking.

In the next few days instructions will be posted here and on facebook telling how to make payment.  Checks will be sent directly to the mountain as they have contracted with the painter.

Thanks for your amazing support,

Save Magic

Dig My Patch

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Wow! Look what I just found in my “ski drawer.” This could go on a pompom hat or a special sweater for the lodge. Ski area patches are a rare find at a ski area gift shop these days. I guess I don’t blame people for not wanting to take a needle to their Gore-Tex but it sure was a great way to represent your favorite ski hill.
Patches have a lot of uses in skiing. The most recognizable would be the big white cross. The men and women who give up their own free time to keep the hill safe. I know a bunch of them personally and they are top rate people and professionals. I find it funny I spend so much time running from them.
Other patches such as the now famous Jackson Hole Air Force logo was only given to a select group of swift, silent and deep skiers. A badge of honor that only a special few would recognize.
This is how I view my Magic patch. Now I have to find something to put it on so I can find more people who recognize just how great Magic is. I for one hope we have a swift, silent and deep season next year.