A Season of Days

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It was the season Magic turned the corner.  Hard work both by management and Magic’s skiers made for an unforgettable season.  Magic skiers old and new became fast friends as the urgency to save our beloved mountain brought us together.  The result: tons of fun, 240 shares and the rebirth of Magic’s original festive spirit.

Team Save Magic spent another season with laser beams strapped to their heads so that they could capture what makes Magic so special to us.   We share it with you in the hopes that you will see some aspect you want to experience and come ski our mountain.  Maybe capes and moustaches are not your thing but hopefully you will see something you want to explore or remember.  It might be a new glade, the torchlight parade or just a quiet groomer with your kid.  Thanks Guy for cutting up the footage as always, high fives to 2011.

If you have trouble viewing or it skips hit pause and let the entire movie load.  If that doesn’t work click the big HD to turn off HD mode.

Guy Douchette’s Season of Days from Rusty Groomer on Vimeo.

Summer Improvements

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While the painting of the Red Chair has been the “hot topic” of the post-season, there will be many other noticeable improvements for Magic’s 50th.

With some vacation time coming up, the Magic crew held a summer project kick off meeting.  Matt was good enough to jump on the phone with me on his way home today.


If all goes well, three more trails will have full snowmaking coverage in the fall.  Vertigo has not functioned in years, but the crew is going to try their hardest to bring it back to life.

The chute on Wizard benefited greatly from the man made coverage this year.  The plan is to replace various sections of pipe and get top to bottom coverage cranking again.  If this works out, skiers can look forward to a west side option early season!

Talisman has nice tower guns but no water or air getting to them.  Having a man made base will keep this sun drenched expert classic open much more consistently.

Right now the lower part of Trick also has three tower guns but no water/air.  Brendan and Todd have had to push the snow in all year long.  Look for this to change as well.  Blackline will also get some work for increased capacity.


If you were there on Cape Day in April, you saw the Black Chair spin.  A couple more tweaks and it will be ready for its load test.  Both chairs will undergo a full load test this summer.  This means the chairs will be filled with the equivalent weight of a fully loaded lift and a state lift inspector will perform several safety tests.

The red chair will get its chairs painted…red, along with the summit bullwheel structure and operator shack.  New footrest rubber and new wood seats will go on.  In addition regular maintenance of sheave liners and grips will be performed.

General Maintenance:

Clean up from the ice storm will occur as well as regular mowing with the AEBI mountain mower.   The groomers will be tuned and have thorough maintenance performed.

Volunteer Days:

There will be even more volunteer days this summer with projects focusing on glade trimming and general TLC.  Stay posted here and on facebook for dates.  In the meantime think about how you can help keep you favorite mountain a sustainable and vital part of Vermont skiing.  We could use some painters and paint for the red chair base house.  If anyone knows a flag maker we have three empty poles in front of the lodge that could use a date.    Think about what you can do to make your ski area better and come on out.

Red Chair Painting:

The chair is scheduled to be painted in late May with a bright new coat of “Safety Red.”  111 chairs are pledged so far meaning only 66 are left for the taking.  Get your name on the plaque before it’s to late!  To adopt a chair email savemagicvermont@gmail.com and we can let you know what chairs are available.

A big thanks to the crew this season, the snow surface was phenomenal all season long.  For the first time Magic had some of the best cruisers in the east!  The mountain will be even better next season as Magic continues to re-establish itself as a sustainable alternative the large resorts.  Come rediscover the core values of skiing.

-Dee Dee

Red Chair Pledge Update

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Thank you to everyone who was pledged to adopt a red chair so far!  As of tonight we reached an important milestone of 77 pledges.  With only 100 chairs left, many of “the regulars” are not even on the spreadsheet yet!  We are very optimistic based upon the velocity of pledges so far that we will paint the chair as planned in May.

Once we hit the halfway mark with pledges we will begin collecting funds.  It has been decided that all names will appear on a plaque located on the chair base house.  We are also looking into the feasibility of mounting brass plaques on each chair.

Save Magic’s own Willis is also securing the rubber sleeves for the footrests.  This chair is going to look really nice if we pull this off.  I know we can do it because Magic is rebuilding the finest skier community in Vermont.  We lost this mountain once but we are resourceful and I don’t see us losing it again.   Keep up the fine work.

-Dee Dee

To reserve your chair email: savemagicvermont@gmail.com

Help Paint The Red Chair

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Next December marks the start of Magic’s 50th Anniversary.  To kick it off with style, the mountain has granted us permission to put together a fundraising campaign to Paint the Red Chairs.

The crew has done a fantastic job getting the chair running reliably, safely and smoothly over the last two years.  Mechanical improvements have included newly machined depression sheave assemblies (The wheels on the towers where the cable goes under), repair and rebuild of all other sheaves (wheels) and replacement of sheave liners where required.  The core of the cable was inspected last summer and the counter weight was re-tensioned.  Grips have been constantly maintained, rebuilt and tested.

While the towers were painted a few years back, the chairs are in need of a little love.  Prepping and painting the chairs will ensure they last for many seasons to come.  The chairs will have rust and old paint removed and will be repainted in Sherwin Williams “Safety Red” industrial grade paint.  The top bullwheel structure will also be given a shiny new coat of red so the chair will look like it did on opening day 1971.

$100 paints a chair and there are 177 chairs.  Don’t wait too long, 40 of them have already been claimed since the idea was floated on Facebook 5 days ago.  If you are interested either post what chair you pledge to paint on Facebook or email savemagicvermont@gmail.com.   Please provide a few numbers as many have already been spoken for.

The name of your choice will be listed on a plaque at the base with the corresponding number(s).  Details on method of payment will follow.  We believe that we achieve our goal and give the mountain a present for its 50th.