Slide of Fire

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As March rolls in, it is hard to fathom that another season of saving magic is ¾ finished.  Saturday was a surprise fantastic day with Upper Magician, Blackline and Redline delivering all afternoon.   The mountain sold its 226th share and even with the ominous forecast, there were numerous rows full in the back lot.

What would have been the busiest day in years past seemed like a window of tranquility after last week’s overwhelmingly successful Black Magic Challenge.

If you happened to be at Magic February 26th and 27th I think one would agree that something great is happening this year.  People are talking about our mountain all over the Internet.  Many of the competitors exclaimed how impressed they were with the quality and extent of Magic’s terrain.  More importantly, many spoke about Magic’s strong sense of community and purpose.

Thank You Snow Wizards, Ski The East, The Magic Alpine Club, The Magic Special Ops Crew, Jim, and Tom for an unprecedented weekend of festivities.  Powder, Torchlight skiing and 120 of the best freestyle competitors on the East Coast combined to make Magic the center of east coast free skiing for forty eight wonderful hours.

We bring you Slide of Fire

Slide of Fire from Rusty Groomer on Vimeo.


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