Powder Cape Day Alert!

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Powder Cape Day Alert! With a potential powder day for Saturday we encourage all Magic skiers to wear capes. Why you ask? I could tell you but that would take all the fun out of it.
So if hero powder is not enough reason to come ski Magic this Saturday than throw on a cape and see what its like to be the Prince of Darkness on skis.

The Burton Halfpipe

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That nearby big neighbor might get all the credit, but little know that Londonderry was home to the original Burton factory.  Dick over at Snow Wizards recently put up a great history piece on facebook. SNOW WIZARDS

The Burton team halfpipe ran up showoff under what was the Sun Corner triple.  Competitions were held on the pipe and you could spot famous boarders like Craig Kelly.  When Magic first allowed snowboarding you had to be certified to go to the West Side of the mountain.  One of the certification specialists was Save Magic’s own Huck Eldoberry.  You had to take a run with Huck and he would decide if you were ready for the likes of Talisman and Magician.

SunglassPintglass Weekend

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A quick update. This weekend is Spring Fling SunglassPintglass weekend, so wear the dumbest sunglasses you own.  Feel free to throw on some retro gear and have fun.  Next weekend is costume mountain top party weekend so start planning your outfit now.

Save Magic pint glasses just came in and are available at the mountain only.  Also please note other than a few left at the bar, we are temporarily out of stickers and t-shirts!  That means there are almost 2000 t-shirts out there spreading the word.  We will let you know when more are available.

Conditions Are Still Great!

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The crew worked hard this week to clean up from the ice storm.  The trees are recovering nicely from the storm and the trails are clear!

Save Magic’s own Greg Williams reports that the mountain skied phenomenally well this weekend and he finished up Sunday on Upper Magician.  Everything was pretty much skiable and some of the low angle glades were inspected and have recovered nicely from the ice storm!

Plenty of spring corn conditions are to be had this weekend so come and be a part of this record-breaking season!

Slide of Fire

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As March rolls in, it is hard to fathom that another season of saving magic is ¾ finished.  Saturday was a surprise fantastic day with Upper Magician, Blackline and Redline delivering all afternoon.   The mountain sold its 226th share and even with the ominous forecast, there were numerous rows full in the back lot.

What would have been the busiest day in years past seemed like a window of tranquility after last week’s overwhelmingly successful Black Magic Challenge.

If you happened to be at Magic February 26th and 27th I think one would agree that something great is happening this year.  People are talking about our mountain all over the Internet.  Many of the competitors exclaimed how impressed they were with the quality and extent of Magic’s terrain.  More importantly, many spoke about Magic’s strong sense of community and purpose.

Thank You Snow Wizards, Ski The East, The Magic Alpine Club, The Magic Special Ops Crew, Jim, and Tom for an unprecedented weekend of festivities.  Powder, Torchlight skiing and 120 of the best freestyle competitors on the East Coast combined to make Magic the center of east coast free skiing for forty eight wonderful hours.

We bring you Slide of Fire

Slide of Fire from Rusty Groomer on Vimeo.