Commander In Chief

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Winter is going way too fast which I guess means it has been too much fun.  Thaw, freeze and power outage aside the crew managed to knock out some great grooming for us and save president’s weekend.

This Saturday don’t miss the Black Magic Challenge and the 49th Annual Torchlight Parade, where playing with fire doesn’t get you in trouble.  (Glowstick parade just prior for the young ones)

With a foot of snow potentially on the way, this could shape up to be a fantastic weekend.  And so we bring you…..Commander In Chief

Guy Douchette’s Commander in Chief from Rusty Groomer on Vimeo.


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Have you noticed how alive the hill seems to be this year? Well that’s because it is, paid skier visits are up by 1/3 to date thanks to all of you!  Remember there are 97 shares left until Magic can embark on its capital improvement program.  Help make “Save Magic” become “Saved Magic,” and consider becoming a shareholder.

Guy Douchette’s Thundersnow from Rusty Groomer on Vimeo.

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In With The New

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Finally made it up there and it was one of the best days I’ve had on a mountain in recent memory. Great people, great mountain, great snow, and great guide service.”

I had to smile when I read this on a ski message board today.  Save Magic started one night when three guys heard that their ski area might stop spinning the Red Chair.  In an effort to raise awareness of “our” private gem my good friend decided to order up a batch of T-Shirts.

Well over a thousand shirts later we have learned the importance of the “share” in “shareholder.”  I had always loved Magic because I had it to myself.  Now I have realized the beauty of the bustling base area and high fives each run.  Everyone this season has been doing their part to bring new folks to Magic and help them understand why our 1700 vertical feet of rock is so special.

Skiing with new people has been an absolute pleasure.  Truth be told, the trees are now skiing better that they are being discovered.

“I don’t want to see corduroy for more than a couple of runs, and Magic delivered the goods. Can’t believe how steep some stretches of trail were. Loved the overall vibe and how most everyone there ripped.”

Thank you to everyone who has taken the time to share Magic so far this year and to  everyone who has given Magic a try.  We know we will see you again.

Happy Moustache Day

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We bring you the latest, highlighting the fantastic conditions from the last 2 weeks! 9 inches have already fallen as of today so get to Magic!

Guy Douchette’s Upper Lip (HD) from Rusty Groomer on Vimeo.