Ohh, We’re Half Way There

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As we reach the halfway point of the season, the mountain is in top form. The low angle woods were the place to be last weekend. The trees were like crystal against the bright blue sky. A lack of wind and an abundance of sunshine made up for low temperatures. Many were charging the Redline while others were bouncing off of snow pillows on Magician. There was that special glow in the air at 4:00, a lot of people had an unexpected best day of the season.

Many new friends have made Magic their home over the past two years and it has been great to have them as new regulars. Fantastic new glades are around every corner so keep your eyes peeled. Remember you don’t have to drive past Rutland for fantastic Vermont skiing.  Lets turn our laser beams on, have a shot ski and hold on for the second half of the 2011 season.


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Word on the street was that a few people complained about long lines last weekend.  I am happy to wait 7 minutes for the Red Chair if someone keeps the red chair open.  Last weekend was a record MLK holiday.  Coming off of a record Christmas season , this is a nice accomplishment.  Mother nature has had her timing down this season so far!

The hill picked up 7-10” of some snow Tuesday with a little layer of crust, perfect for base building.  Some more of the natural stuff is supposed to fall tonight, which should allow us to forget about the snow snakes for a while!

For this weekend expect a groomed east side, Wizard groomed on the west side and the rest will be “au natural”.

For now, Save Magic brings you Guy Douchette’s “Mhistorya,” a quick bit of skiing and Magic history shot over MLK weekend.

Guy Douchette’s Mhistorya from Rusty Groomer on Vimeo.

Can’t view it? Try the Low Res version

That Snow We Needed Just Arrived.

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Let It Snow

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I’m not afraid to say, we need some natural snow fast.  If it were not for all the hard work by the crew and our two great grooming machines we would not be skiing right now.

If the forecast holds Magic should be due for a nice dump Tuesday and Wednesday.  So escape the crowds this MLK weekend and enjoy an extra day of Magic.  There is a lot of talk on the hill about the job these boys have been doing.

Female Skiers looking to hone their expert skills should sign up for the Woman’s Adventure Ski Clinic Saturday Feb 12th.  Matt’s wife Danielle will be hosting.  I can say with confidence that Danielle is the best skier on the hill.  Along with instruction is a home cooked lunch and an “after ski” beverage.  I wish I could go.  Check it out Here.

Marry Me

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The Christmas Holiday week started out with a nice big storm. Later in the week we got a premature taste of spring skiing.  All said and done paid skier visits were up 34% over the holiday week from last year.

We would like to thank everyone who is spreading the word about Magic and to provide you with a little taste our friend Guy Douchette brings you: Marry Me

Guy Douchette’s Marry Me from Rusty Groomer on Vimeo.

If you can’t view it try the LOW RES version.