Here Comes Our Base

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As I write tonight it is bittersweet.  Tomorrow Magic should be blanketed with 12- 24” of powder and I have two more days of work left in the year.  Under normal circumstances this would be a “sick day” but ¼ of my income for 2010 will be earned in the next two days.  Sometimes life is cruel.

I hope that everyone who is fortunate enough to be able to go to Magic tomorrow does, as it should be epic.  I will have to live with knowing that I won’t be relegated to Trick and Showoff Wednesday and that the hill is about to get a much welcome base layer.

Speaking of base layers, Save Magic now has Patagonia Capilene, “Up Your Sleeve Limited Edition” base layers for sale!  Check out the picture of pro skiers, Crystal and Pearl Jakestein in theirs! Pick yours up at Snow Wizard’s or at the bar in the lodge.  Wear it wherever you ski and help spread the word about Magic!

Open The Cape

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Opening weekend was a blast!  Each trail was groomed edge-to-edge and fully covered!  The surface was a blast to carve, and when we scratched it all up, they put magic back there for us Sunday!

On our last run down around 3:15, the crew was already hooking up hoses and placing fan guns.  The learning area is now covered and Showoff has a fresh batch of Magic Snow.  The crew will now focus their attention on Magic Carpet and Medium providing multiple routes down the Mountain.

So if you missed it we are happy to provide you with Guy Douchette’s first glimpse of the season.

Open The Cape HD from Rusty Groomer on Vimeo.

Open The Cape HD from Rusty Groomer on Vimeo.

Keep Those Tips Up

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Well the big news is tomorrow is opening day!  The better news is that Magic’s own Svetlana Bradberry, Star of Guy Douchette’s classic movie Hotpants II, is one of the top contenders to be this year’s Lange Girl!

The “Lange Girl” advertising campaign dates from the early 1970’s when slogan’s like “Soft Inside” made the world’s first plastic boot a household name.  I dare you to find a reputable Ski Shop that hasn’t had one of the Lange Girls hanging in the work area.

It certainly wouldn’t hurt if we knew that Lange’s spokeswoman of the year owns a few Save Magic T-shirts.   Log on to Freeskier Magazine and cast your vote so that we can proudly claim, “This Year’s Lange Girl skis Magic!”

See you tomorrow.

Let’s Build A Snowcat

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It is Wednesday night December 15th and if all goes well I will be in line for the Red Chair on Saturday morning.  At least I know there is a great snowmaking crew out there that cares about making Magic even better.

We all know that snowmaking is no easy job. Long hours in the dark and cold, dangerous air pressure valves, and ungodly hours are a few of the elements that make up the job description. Our snowmakers had to build the cat and weld hundreds of holes before they could even think about getting a little frostbite.

Take a look at the pictures and you will see the fruits of all their hard work.  If the mountain opens as anticipated on Saturday, show up to show your support for the guys who busted their humps to make it happen for us.  Let’s give them the best opening day ever!  In the meantime let’s take a look back at this week last season and enjoy The Beauty.

Damn Showoff

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Showoff was my last run at Magic in April of 2010.  A fantastic way to end a banner season, Tony Hauck and I went for a quick skin the Sunday after closing day.  The final turns seem to last just a little bit longer and were burned into my mind all summer.  I knew it was my last taste of Magic, so we took awhile at the top. With seventy-degree weather, we soaked in the rays for 20 minutes, a luxury you only get a few precious weeks a year.

Then it was time to ski, I was off and had the whole trail to myself.  Unlike many of Magic’s classics, Showoff is wide.  It’s that trail where you let out the gas and see what your boards can do. The name Showoff is no coincidence.  And so we came down one at a time savoring every turn and brought the year to a close.

December 18th my Magic season will start on Showoff once again.  I might not have thirty options down the hill but the one I do will be damn good.  From the moment I push off, I will enjoy every GS turn until I reach the chair.

Come see what a few turns at Magic mean to you.  I challenge you to make me wait on line this opening day!

The Guns Are Drawn

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For those who believe you should only come to Magic on a Powder day, a picture is worth a thousand words.  The crew has been making snow for little more than 24 hours. Showoff and the Base Area are well on their way.

On top of all that snowmaking, a few inches are possible Monday and Tuesday that should help to pretty up the trails with a bit more white.  Snowmaking temperatures are on tap for the foreseeable future, so everyone should look forward to a fantastic opening day.

After countless brown and green welding pictures it is refreshing to finally see the result!   Take notice that the groomer in the picture is the Bombardier Cat #2.  Just a few months ago this machine was a skeleton outside the garage.  Magic now has an ideal grooming fleet.  The Piston Bully excels at laying down large swaths of corduroy while the Bombardier is more maneuverable for tight areas.

Thanks to the Mountain Ops crew, Jim and Tom, the snowmaking system is cranking like it hasn’t in decades. I for one can’t wait to sample the goods opening day, see you there!

A Tale of Presidenticles and Valetinicles.

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The beauty of Upper Wizard is often overlooked, as it is a “must ski” gateway to the fabled West Side Terrain.    From Upper Wizard you can reach Magician, Broomstick, Slide of Hans, Talisman, Sorcerer, Lower Wizard, and Potter.  Chances are you will hit Upper Wizard a few times a day.

Lucky for skiers our “Access Trail” is one of Vermont’s most scenic routes.  From the top of the Red Chair it begins life as a quick coast through the pines. It quickly opens up to a traverse literally blasted into the side of the mountain.  In a moment you reach Magician and one of the most stunning views of the valley.

Ski a little further and it opens up into a sun-drenched bowl where you can arc big turns or hug the edges for powder.  This is one of the best places to catch the afternoon sun.   Don’t get too distracted soaking in the rays because you are about to bank a hard right into the chute.

Upper Wizard is best enjoyed if you pay attention to its varied aspects and enjoy the details.  Wizard features beautiful giant icicles that form on skiers left.  Since this is Magic, it is only fitting that the mountain has Magic Icicles that change color.  Sometimes our icicles are patriotic for President’s Day and covered in hearts for Valentines Day.

So whether you stop at the top of Magician for a moment to appreciate Vermont or check out what color the Magic Icicles happen to be that day, take your time and enjoy what makes Upper Wizard such a great run. If you are lucky you might hit the bowl on a sunny afternoon when a cloud happens to blow right in front of Stratton!