What’s This Trail Called?

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Originally cut as the liftline for the Mid-Mountain Triple (1987-91) this trail was originally named Tripwire.  It runs from Sunshine Corner and drops you into Mystery about halfway down.

When the mountain first re-opened in 1997 the lift had long been removed and the saplings had grown so high it was barely passable.  In 1999 a few of us cut an eight -foot wide zig-zag through the saplings on the steep pitch.  You had to point ‘em and go!  One wrong turn had nasty consequences.  At that point we simply called it “Our Trail.”

In 2003 when towers were installed for a new mid-mountain chair it was cleared back to its original width.  This run is one of Magic’s sleepy gems and is comparable in pitch to the main face of Redline.   From the top it appears mellow, some smooth turns and than it drops out.  Right at the top of the steep pitch is a rock band that provides for some nice 4-5 foot launches.

At one point it was called Jim’s Way, now it is on the map as Greenline.  You will know you are there when you see the bullwheel for the unfinished lift.  Do you want to spice up your day at Magic?  If the snow is good and you want a new challenge, head for Greenline.  If you don’t, it just might not be called Greenline next year.


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