Ready for Some Magic Snowmaking?

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Yesterday was the day I have waited for all summer long, my first ski day of the season.  While I wish it were at Magic, at least my legs will be ready for real skiing on December 18!

Today was a special day for all of the mountain ops crew; they got their first day!  As a thank you for their hard work, Jim manned the office and the crew got a day off to go make turns.  It was also the first time on the slopes for Matt’s two-year-old son!

While the boys were enjoying their first turns of the season, I took a hike with the Save Magic crew to check out the progress back home.  Lets just say the ski day was well deserved. In case you haven’t heard, Magic now has two operational groomers!  This is quite a beautiful picture especially if you look back to our shot of the Bombardier in August.

The welds done to the snowmaking system have greatly improved the pressure and water flow.  In addition the pump room received brand new gaskets so it no longer doubles as an ice skating rink/shower. The purchase of the new mower combined with the hard work of the trail maintenance crew certainly shows.  The mower lines on the trails are visible from Grandma Frisbee’s on Route 11!  The mountain has not looked this well manicured since the 1980’s.

We also stopped by Snow Wizards to get our Tune-Up 3-Packs.  Dick and Andrew were already sharpening away so get yours before December 1st!

I look forward to opening day this December and hope that Mother Nature gives Magic a great opportunity to show off its improvements.

A Rousing Swiss Polka

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We were sent this great article from the folks over at New England Ski Check out more on Magic’s past on their site. The following article is from the Hartford Courant< January 4, 1968. Click on the page to enlarge.  In other news Snow Wizards is running a pre-purchase special on ski/board tunes. Save 26% by buying a 3 pack of tunes good anytime all season if you purchase before Dec. 1, 2010.  So stop by the Wizard and keep your gear fresh all season long.

Two Generations of Passes

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My roots at Magic run pretty deep and I am sure that many of the folks who ski here have similar tales.  I was one of those nerds who saved my lift tickets.  I am glad I did because now I can explain why families are such a necessary part of Magic’s sustainability.

My story as a Magic skier pre-dates my birth by 10-15 Years.  The first ticket here was clipped from my mom’s wool ski parka.  This would place this ticket in the 1963-66 era.   During these winters, my parents rented a farmhouse over near Lowell Lake.  The family who owned the farm rented the house in the winters and moved into the barn to keep the farm afloat.

The Bicentennial arrived and so did I.  My parents still frequented Magic, but now their ski house was down route 11 in Manchester.  The next ticket once adorned my 5th grade parka, which if I remember correctly, matched the colors of this ticket.  Wearing that jacket I skied “Witch,” my first Double Diamond. I remember peering down Magician in awe, wondering if it would ever open and wondering why it wasn’t included in the 87% snowmaking coverage.

Little did I know that my favorite mountain would close three lean snow years later, before I had the opportunity to ski Upper Magician.  As ski areas evolved with high-speed quads and condos, Magic sat dormant. I dreamt of one day buying the mountain I loved and opening it back up.  In 1997-98, my junior year of college, Magic re-opened and my dream came partially true.

I have since skied Upper Magician several times and will never forget the first time I did in March 1998.  Still untrimmed and riddled with seven-foot saplings, it was one of my fondest ski memories.  A right of passage, something I never thought I would accomplish when the mountain first closed.

This takes me to the third ticket, my pass from last season. (No that is not my real hair or name).  I am proud of the Shareholder designation on the lower left corner as I am fulfilling the other part of my dream, owning Magic.  Many families now enjoy the hill raising future Magic Faithful.  I encourage others to join the Magic Partnership, as no child should ever be denied their first run down Upper Magician.

Just Got My Sorcerer’s Hat

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Wow! This thing came out amazing!  I can’t say enough about the quality and craftsmanship.  Ullat Hats are classic and comfortable.  It makes me want to ski in a hat again.  Unlike the T-Shirts this is not a fundraiser but a great way to show off your Magic loyalty and support a local Vermont business. What better way to fight swine flu and saars this season?  Get your Sorcerer’s Special Edition Hat and stay warm for many winters to come.

To order visit HERE.

What’s This Trail Called?

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Originally cut as the liftline for the Mid-Mountain Triple (1987-91) this trail was originally named Tripwire.  It runs from Sunshine Corner and drops you into Mystery about halfway down.

When the mountain first re-opened in 1997 the lift had long been removed and the saplings had grown so high it was barely passable.  In 1999 a few of us cut an eight -foot wide zig-zag through the saplings on the steep pitch.  You had to point ‘em and go!  One wrong turn had nasty consequences.  At that point we simply called it “Our Trail.”

In 2003 when towers were installed for a new mid-mountain chair it was cleared back to its original width.  This run is one of Magic’s sleepy gems and is comparable in pitch to the main face of Redline.   From the top it appears mellow, some smooth turns and than it drops out.  Right at the top of the steep pitch is a rock band that provides for some nice 4-5 foot launches.

At one point it was called Jim’s Way, now it is on the map as Greenline.  You will know you are there when you see the bullwheel for the unfinished lift.  Do you want to spice up your day at Magic?  If the snow is good and you want a new challenge, head for Greenline.  If you don’t, it just might not be called Greenline next year.

Woods fit for a Wookie

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So Magic has been building up quite a little reputation for its Glade Skiing and there is talk that the mountain might put a couple stashes on the map next year.  As a long time Magic pass holder this is bittersweet, but for Magic to remain sustainable it must draw on its most valuable asset: The Terrain.

Magic’s glades have been a part of the experience since the 1960’s.  Twilight Zone represents the classic New England “on the map” glade. It is unique in that it narrowly survived the resort chainsaw massacre of the 1980’s.

The current selection of “off the map” favorites began to take shape in the late 90’s and early 2000’s.  Some say the stashes were created by a mythical Wookie that  could fight fires.  I guess we will never know for sure.  Magic regulars were known to cut a way down here or there and the routes matured throughout the decade.

In 2007 the mountain held it’s first sanctioned volunteer day and significant work was performed connecting several stashes into a top to bottom all woods run.  The volunteer days are all weekend affairs with camping and cooking!  They have grown not only in number but attendance.

This year a great deal of effort was focused on in bounds glades slated to be ready for the Map in 2011-12.  While I will miss the secrets, it is nice to think that there may be a 2011-12 season.   So while I refuse to be the one to disclose any locations on the internet I assure you they exist. I could also speak for a number of the regulars that if you are a decent conversationalist on the Red Chair it might take you places!