When Blackline Was Liftline

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Harley was kind enough to provide us with this shot from the top of the Blue Chair (Now Black) in 1983.  At first glance it looks much as it does today, then you start to notice some of the differences.

The lift towers look the same but there are blue double chairs hanging from the line.  In 1986 the original lift was upgraded with black triple chairs.   That year also saw the mid-station vanish.

Another cool feature are the low trees on skiers right of Blackline.  Low trees mixed in with the scattered rock bands sure must have made for fun terrain.

Notice that the back lot was plowed down to the dirt, no longer a necessity in the age of 4WD and traction control.

Come help fill that lot this year and check out the view in person.  If you haven’t seen it since 1983, come see how little has changed.

Red Chair Counter Weight Repositioned

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A big crane came in this week and tensioned the counter weight on the Red Chair.  This will make emergency stops and loading less bouncy.  Just a little snapshot of what your skiing dollars are doing this off-season and the commitment management has made to lift reliability.

Come Experience the difference in 2010-11.  Thanks to Tom Walsh for snapping this photo!

Magic Mountain – Intimate, Yet Swinging

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It is good to see that nothing has changed much since 1969.

When The Bullet Hits The Bone

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Twilight Zone….. It was my first glade.  I can still remember that day in 1987, I was in fourth grade and my dad decided it was time for me to ski it.  I was terrified, but I knew I couldn’t get the trail sign pin in the gift shop if I didn’t actually ski it.

A crooked sign nailed to a tall dead tree first greeted me.  As I peered down the trail I could see trees in the middle of the falline.  Remember this was 1987, the era of wider trails and bigger lawsuits.  All the other hills had trails named glade this and glade that, but none of them had trees!  Once famous eastern glades were getting major haircuts, left naked with only their names remaining.

Even Magic started down the path with the widening of a few trails and the planned Twilight Zone redesign.  Save Twilight Zone T-shirts popped up on the hill and the trail was spared.

With ski areas like Magic embracing natural terrain features, the 2000’s have proved a better era for trails like Twilight Zone.  Today I can still find the big boulders halfway down that mesmerized me as a 9 year old.  Many of the original trees still stand.  Islands of new growth have been left uncut by the brush trimmers to ensure the future of the trail.

Because it lies in a small basin, the snow collects here often making it the first skiable glade.  Generously spaced trees and an undulating double falline make for a classic gladed run you’ll never forget.

Magic Mountain Snow – If you make it it will come

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So the Mountain started the week by blowing snow and finished the week by getting snow.  This is very “resort-like” for the anti-resort!

Last Sunday they “Blew the Mice” out of the system to prepare for the first sight of consistent cold temps in December.  Weather permitting the mountain will aim for another Mid-December to Mid- April season.

In the mean time, pass sales are up 25% to date.  The trail clearing crew has finished up almost all of the terrain that can’t be traversed by the mower.  Snowmaking welding on lower Magic Carpet is just about complete.  Even “sleeper” trails like Greenline are freshly cut!

Save Magic also wants to thank a few folks. Long time patroller Ned the Sled Bolle donated some new gear to the ski patrol.  With all the new passholders, Roger and the crew will be even better equipped to keep the hill safe.

Professional arborist Bob Burr of Burr Tree Service donated his skills, equipment, and time taking down the dead trees and limbs on Blackline that were in danger of falling on the lift.

Thanks to all the volunteers who gave their time to work on the hill the first two days.   Look for some new exciting tree run options!

Ski Season is shaping up nicely, so remember buy a share in the mountain you love or think of how you can help keep the Magic Alive. Don’t miss out on being part of the Magic this season.

You Can Almost Taste It – Early October Roundup

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You can almost taste it.  In 2 short months the red lift should be getting ready to carry its first skiers up to the summit.  A lot of good stuff has been accomplished since our last update, primarily in the season pass arena.  With the Monday October 11th discount pass deadline looming, sales have been surging!  Friday saw over 30 pass sales alone!  So if you don’t have one yet order your Save Magic shirt and sticker so you don’t look funny in the lodge!

Not only are we going to be meeting a lot of new folks this year, pass income = capital to blow snow.  Couple that with the recent rains that filed the pond and things are looking good for Magic’s upgraded snowmaking.  Pretty simple formula, bring more of your friends to experience the Magic and you will see more snow.

This also means that Magic isn’t just the place to go on Powder days.  More skiers, means more funds and more improvements.  Last year’s profit has allowed Magic to perform all the deferred maintenance we have written about since May.  With cold temps, more terrain will become available on a faster basis.  I spent my entire season at Magic along with many others last year.   The snowmaking capital of Vermont it is not but Magic has several varied well groomed runs.

The next time there is no fresh powder in sight and you are considering one of the large resorts, question yourself.  Do I want to lap a skating rink with 20,000 other idiots?  Do I want to spend $90 to take a 15-minute shuttle bus in the cold? Perhaps this is the day to try out some quiet classic New England groomers.  Take in some beautiful Vermont views or charge down Kinderspiel for a change.  Check out the tight turns and rolling pitches of Wizard or the all fall line pitch on Talisman.

The important thing to remember is that if you only visit Magic on powder days there will be no Magic on powder days.  Management has made a commitment to improved reliability.  Save Magic wants to thank all of you who have made the commitment to Magic thus far, we will make sure you have a good time.  If you are new, just look for the Save Magic Crew in the blue shirts and we’ll be happy to give you a tour.

Glade Lite! – The Hallows

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So are you looking for a good expert/high intermediate glade?  If you seek the Magic tree experience but lack the desire to drop a 10-foot air then The Hallows is the right glade for you.

The Hallows starts just below where Bail Out meets Magician on skier’s left.  There are two entrances; the first is a tricky technical chute, not recommended for glade rookies.  Don’t worry, just around the corner is a wide mellow entrance.

A nicely pruned forest section leads you right and down into the natural streambed.  Here the trees open up and there are several options from small air along the streambed to smooth flat cruising between nicely spaced trees.

The Hallows is on the map so the snow gets packed earlier making it skiable most of the season.  This is a very beautiful trail especially where the forest opens into the streambed clearing.  If you are looking to find out why everyone talks about Magic’s tree skiing, check out The Hallows and experience it firsthand.