Pass Sales up 30% to date

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According to Matt, pass sales are up by 30% this year to date. With the 10/11/10 early purchase deadline quickly approaching, if you haven’t purchased your pass, now is the time.

A weedwacking crew has been out on the Mountain clearing favorites like Twilight Zone so that trails can open sooner with less snow.  The crew is also helping out with seasonal maintenance on the Red Chair.

The Black Chair sheave assemblies have been out at a machine shop getting the pivot liners replaced.  Baring any unforeseen events, things are looking up for the Black Chair this season! In addition to the lifts, both handle tows are ready to go for the season.

Progress has continued with the second groomer.   So far the engine and pumps are working.  The crew is currently repairing the electrical system.

Of course work continues on the snowmaking system as Matt and Todd continue their quest to stamp out all leaks in the system!  Remember it is the pass sale money that will pay for the snowmaking , so think about buying a pass this season.

Another Mystery Solved!

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The evasive leak on Carmuba was found and repaired!  The boys then moved further up the hill where they searched for another undetermined leak.  Turns out it was a bad valve that has now been replaced.

It appears that the mountain has addressed a great deal of the deferred maintenance they inherited.  The system should be much more effective in 2010-11.  Now lets pray for some cold temps so we can watch the crew work their magic!

In other news make sure to take a look at Snow Wizard’s new Facebook page!

Water Test Held on Snowmaking

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The Mountain performed a water test on the snowmaking system last week.  The bad news is they discovered a leak on Carumba….the good news is the hill has a full time crew this off-season, so it too will be repaired! 

Finding a leak is not always easy but the boys have brought in the heavy equipment.  The mountain wants to get the system as efficient as possible this year.  A tremendous amount of repair work has been performed this summer, so look forward to a lot more consistent snowmaking this season!

In other news, Season Pass sales have started out with a bang, don’t miss out on early purchase pricing, get yours now!

My Favorite Last Run…….

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With all the talk of Magic’s extensive terrain many people must look at our little trail map and scratch their heads.  With all due respect to Donald Moss who drew it back in the early 1980’s it just doesn’t do the hill justice.  To help readers understand Magic’s terrain, I have decided to write periodic features on some of Magic’s defining runs.

The majority of Magic’s terrain falls in two valleys the east and the west side.  Two runs, Redline and Blackline, run right up the spine in the center.  Today we will take a look at Blackline and what makes it such a unique and varied ski experience.

Think of a traffic cone and you will understand how the width changes, the very top is just wide enough for two skiers side by side.  High winds expose the large cliff bands and create large pockets of powder.   This section dubbed “Black Magic” features a race, The Craig Potter Memorial Black Magic Challenge, now a part of the Ski The East Tour.

Next comes the Ledges section, a wide, steep section riddled with hucks.  This leads to the second ledges section where Witch and Broomstick drop in.  Sun basked western style skiing on a moderate pitch provides a nice selection of fall lines and drops.   The final part of the Ledges section is the headwall and you better have your game on because it is very visible from the deck.

One more steep powder field and you drop into the groomed Hocus Pocus section of Blackline at roaring speeds.  Don’t forget to hit up Magic’s terrain park, um, feature before you ski on to the deck for a cold one.

Tip: Ledges is a great place to be around 3:00 on any given day as it basks in the afternoon sun while it sets on the Golden Triangle.

Best For: The very top is for the best skiers only, but the second ledges section is great for any advanced intermediate looking for a real double black treat.   If you have doubts, cut out just before the headwall on skiers left. Don’t cut out and you will be rewarded.

2010-11 Season Passes on Sale Now!

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Check out the Mountain Website to get yours now and be a part of the Magic this season.

Regular Season pass is only $389 until Oct 11, 2010.

The College Season pass is a no brainer at $129

Come join the family and get your Season Pass.  See what the Magic is all about.  Enjoy the freedom of pass skiing with no blackout dates for under $400.