Snowmaking Repairs Getting Done!

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Work has continued through heat waves and torrential downpours.  The Sobe event tent has proved to be quite useful in several capacities!  Matt and Todd have been patching the airlines on many sections of the snowmaking system.  Work is moving along at a nice clip and it is good to see so many items getting knocked off the checklist.

Work was completed last week on Lower Magic Carpet, which should now be functional and will soon be tested.

Today work began on Blackline!  This will be an important fix so people don’t see dirt patches on the main trail as they drive up the access road.  Not only is it psychological, many trails run into Blackline and this will allow them to come online sooner as well.  It is important to make snow strategically to get more of the mountain open faster and longer.

Getting the heavy welding equipment to sections of Blackline should prove quite challenging and Matt’s pickup has been doing some heavy lifting!  It is good to see these repairs getting done and we look forward to improved snowmaking this season!  Stay tuned for further updates as our boys make their way around the hill.

Mountain Snapshot: The Blue Gentian

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Look Familiar? It should, The Blue Gentian has been lovingly maintained by Lisa Sicotte and Kenneth Alberti since 1994.

The Gentian opened in 1962 and was part of Hans Thorner’s original Swiss themed base village plan.  The inn was first run by Beth and Harry Littleton and featured “Homemade Bread & Country Cooking.” The Kidde family bought the hotel in 1972 and ran it for 24 years.

In 1994 the current owners took a leap of faith and purchased The Gentian with Magic shuttered and the lodge in need of great repair.

The Lodge has been renovated in accordance with the original design.  New bathrooms, and other extensive renovations provide a spotless, modern, yet authentic Magic experience.

One of my fondest memories is staying at the Gentian the night before the biggest blizzard of 2003.  My Wrangler couldn’t make it any further up Route 100 to my friend’s house, so we stayed there last minute to get the powder in the morning.

If you really want to try the authentic Magic experience, stay at The Gentian this winter one weekend and walk to the lifts, Goniff’s Den or the Loose Moose Tavern.  Forget about your car for 2 days and get to understand what Magic is all about,.

“Where the Mountain and Village are One”

Outside Consultant Tapped to Address Snow Making Pressure

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In order to understand how effective Magic’s snow making air lines operate, the mountain called in an outside consultant, Efficiency Vermont.  A test was run and the mountain’s system currently has 432 CFM of air loss mainly due to leaks in the lines.

This loss equates to roughly half a compressor full of air burning $12,000 worth of diesel fuel a season.

You will see a lot of pictures of the guys welding brown pipe this off-season.  I assure you this is a good thing.  Matt and Todd will now be welding the air pressure section of the snowmaking system.   This will make the system more efficient, burning less fuel and reducing Magic’s operating costs!

Look at what is already being accomplished by smarter management .  Imagine if Magic could put the share money to work!  The partnership needs to hit 300 shares to release the funds and it is nearly 2/3 of the way there! The mountain needs your help, buy a share, shirt, or sticker and spread the word!

Magic History 2 – The Dawn of the Red Chair

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In the Late 1960’s and 70’s Magic was hitting its stride with the famous Hans Thorner Ski school.  “A hand picked staff of international teaching professionals” was making a name for itself as one of the finest ski schools in the East .   Each season Hans imported instructors from Europe who lived in the bunkhouse (Ski Patrol Building).  Legend has it they were quite popular around the Abracadabra Lounge as part of Magic’s famous après ski scene.

Crowds were growing and Magic needed a second way to the top. In 1971 the Red Chair was built bringing the mountain’s vertical to 1600 feet.  The lift was engineered by the Heron/Poma Company of Woodstock Vermont.  Bob Heron who ran Heron/Poma is credited with building one of America’s first 2 double chairs.  His designs were known to be strong and last for years.

The liftline that resulted from the construction eventually became known as the Redline.  Now an eastern classic, cliff bands and steep pitches make for a spectators paradise as skiers try and master Magic’s signature run.

Wizard/Talisman Pipe Weld Complete!

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Last week Matt shot us this picture of Todd finishing up a weld.  This is a crucial patch as it should allow water to flow to the section of Wizard above Talisman.  As you can see by the size of the patches these pipes were not doing their job of holding water.  When I last spoke to Matt they were finishing up this job and heading up further on Wizard to make the next patch.  It is a nice thing to see progress being made this early in the summer for Magic, the first time in many years.