Magic History Lesson One

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Check out Magic in the swinging sixties!  While it is clear that Upper Redline did not yet exist, skiers had other things to take advantage of.  The Hocus Pocus “Beginners Paradise” had a Hall brand double chair all its own.  Magic hopes to reopen this area with a lift one day when the partnership kicks in.

Showoff had a T-bar going up skiers right giving intermediate skiers quick access to lower mountain trails.  This was a nice feature but tough for snowboarders in later years.

The Black Chair was the Blue Chair and it was a double!  How many of you can still remember the mid-station?  This used to be the only way to the top Until the Red Chair was built in 1971.  It had a center pole and safety bars that swung around from the side.

We love Goniff’s, but can we party like they did with “Gaiety and Glamour at the Abracadabra Lounge?” Look at how cool the lodge was sporting its original Swiss motif.

The place might not be as polished and new as in this postcard but some things don’t change.  It was nice to see the party atmosphere return this season and to see many new friendships made in the lodge and liftline.

Hope you fellow ski nerds out there enjoyed this quick little history lesson.  Stay tuned for our next history update, “The Dawn of the Red Chair.”

Get your Sorcerer’s Edition custom ski hat

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The latest way to spread the word this fall and winter.  Magic is a classic pom pom hat kind of place so we found a really nice lady who makes fantastic custom wool hats!  Customize the colors and put your name on it if you want!  You don’t want to be the only one in the bar without a custom pom pom hat, that would be silly. 

To order, pick out your colors at the following SITE, then email the good folks at at  Make sure you let them know you want the Magic Sorcerer’s edition, provide the three colors you liked on the SAMPLE PAGE and let them know if you want a name on the hat.  You should also provide your hat size if you know it to ensure a good fit.

So spread the word and wear it everywhere! Willis can’t stop talking about how great the quality is and mine is coming next in a different color combo, I’ll post a picture when it comes!

Snowmaking Repairs in Full Swing!

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Work is well underway on snowmaking repairs that will increase coverage and capacity this year.  Magic needs more water on the hill but a fair amount of the water from the pump house ends up in the Trailside condo parking lot.

Matt updated subscribers on Facebook Thursday:

“We are in the midst of an epic search for the elusive trailside parking lot leak. Somewhere in that parking lot our snowmaking line for the East and West Side cross the fire suppression system/hydrant water lines causing a massive leak when we make snow. We have a monstrous hole dug at the moment and still nothing. This problem has been an issue since 1999 and WE WILL GET IT SOLVED!!!!”

*On Friday the leak was found!  It will now be repaired and on to the next project!

This project will further improve Magic’s snowmaking coverage by repairing this 10 year old leak and redirecting that valuable water to the snow guns.

In other news Harley, guardian of the Red Chair off ramp, has joined the summer crew.  He is out in Magic’s new AEBI mower doing some summer grooming!  For those of you who don’t know, Harley has been on staff since the early 80’s.  He has shaped trails such as Sorcerer, installed snowmaking, groomed, built one of America’s first half pipes on Showoff to name just a few of his contributions to Magic.  Now he is busy keeping the trails in tip top shape this summer.

Magic Mountain Summer Improvements 2010

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Mountain Improvements – Summer work update and goals from Assistant General Manager, Matt Lillard

Matt was kind enough to step off the hill, wash the grease off his hands and provide Save Magic with a detailed update outlining this summers improvement plans.

The Mountain will be maintaining a summer staff this year and work has already begun.  Plans for a peak to peak 80 passenger tram have been put on hold, but you will be happy to hear a great deal of deferred maintenance will be addressed.

1)    Snowmaking – So Magic might not be the snowmaking capital of the east but everyone realizes we need more of it; well that is what they aim to deliver.

  • Work has already started on repairing electrical lines to increase the fan gun productivity with the addition of more outlets. (More outlets= fan guns in more spots)
  • Last year the West side had no snowmaking, as extensive repairs are required. First on the repair list is Talisman so the hill can make use of those tower guns. Wizard will come next, hopefully followed by Witch to Blackline.   If this all goes smoothly and time permits, work will begin on Sorcerer. This will allow the mountain to make snow on more of the classics and get the West side up and running faster and longer
  • The East side is also getting some work. Lower Magic carpet will be operational providing another smooth option down the hill for the cruisers out there.

To sum this up I think everyone noticed an improved skiing surface last season.  The mountain understands reliable snowmaking is priority #1; we need skiers on non-powder days.  This is a tremendous amount of work for two people. Matt promises he and Todd will do their best to attack the “to do” list. These repairs/upgrades will bring more trails online and improve the ones with working coverage.

2)    Black Chairlift – All the hard work on the Red chair paid off last season, but a second way to the top would be nice, not to mention increased suntan possibilities.

  • Electrical repair work and cable maintenance is complete.
  • This summer’s focus will be to replace bushings (or sleeve) on 4 sheave assemblies (groups of rollers).  From years of pivoting these sleeves have worn out.  The sheave assemblies will come off the towers, go to a machine shop and get a new sleeve pressed in.  When placed back on the towers they will be held in tighter and straighter.  This is an important rebuild, as a better aligned rope reduces risk of the cable jumping off of a tower. This is a necessary and labor-intensive repair.  It is management’s goal to make sure everyone on the hill is safe, so rather than rush the job and open the chair last season, they are doing it right.
  • Once the sheave work is done, old black will be ready for a head to toe inspection by the Vermont tramway board.  This includes the mandatory removal and visual inspection of 20% of the grips each season.  It also means 100% of the grips are slip tested prior to operation.

3)    Grooming – In addition to Magic’s modern Piston Bully Edge you may have noticed a second yellow groomer that visited from Timber Ridge from time to time.  That is because our second groomer has been out of service for four years.

  • The Piston Bully will get a complete service and overhaul to ensure reliability.
  • Our second groomer is a Bombardier, the same kind as Timber Ridge’s but purple!  Bombardiers are known to be better for smaller tight trails.  The Mountain has a goal to get it up and running and now has all the parts.  Barring any unforeseen issues they hope to have it online sometime this coming season. This would help pack down the base on the more natural terrain and allow the hill to have two cats out at night.

4) New Mower! – Hot off the press from Matt

  • We are purchasing an Aebi mountain mowing machine. a VERY COOL piece of equipment that will enable us to mow more of the mountain and ideally be able to open more trails on less snow.  We plan to mow the mountain more than once this summer in order to foster growth of more soft grasses and kill off the pucker brush.  We will also once again brush cut (by hand/weedwacker) the legendary steeps of Magic and get trails like Magician and Goniff/Twilight open as soon as possible.

That pretty much sums it up aside from sprucing up the maintenance area and our summer/fall workdays to paint, trim terrain and the glades.  Management has identified these projects as most important and hope to get as much of the above complete by December.  Make sure to thank Matt, Todd, Jim and Tom when you see them and look for an even more reliable and consistent Magic next season.

We must remember share sales are necessary to move Magic to the next level and keep it around for seasons to come.  Think about last season and decide if you want more of that in your future.