175 Shares Sold – Save Magic Post-Season Wrap Up

Filed Under (Mountain Updates) by admin on 18-04-2010

The Magic Partnership has reached an important milestone, 175 Shares!  The better news is that 15 of those have been purchased since closing day!  After holding steady around 150, the shares are selling at a steady pace and many are taking advantage of the Payment Plan.  Many were waiting to see how the mountain was run this year.  As  30-year Magic vets this was the smoothest season we have experienced since the mountain re-opened in 1997.

The coverage was very consistent all year long; even during the February thaw we had several options down the hill.  We were surprised to read that the annual snowfall was down, as the entire mountain and woods were skiable for the majority of the season.  Grooming was much improved and a special thanks to Tim from Timberside for making sure we woke up to groomed trails when our machine went down.  The mountain ops crew provided us with multiple routes down from opening day onward.  As for good old Mother Nature… Upper Magician was skied from Mid-December through closing day, enough said.

Matt and Todd’s hard work last fall paid off as the Red Chair ran every single day of the season and quite smoothly at that!  Dave, Will and Harley kept it spinning for us with a smile and plenty of laughs!

It is hard not to notice that the ski school is an entirely new world.  Tamara and our dedicated instructors turned it up to eleven all season long!  Positive learning experience = return customers. Hans Thorner would be proud; the Magic Mountain ski school is back.

Roger and crew kept us safe as usual.  Most of us have taken for granted the fact that we have a great crew of patrollers willing to drag people off of some hairy terrain!  They provide us with freedom unseen at other mountains.  We only ask one favor of my fellow Magic skiers, please don’t ski the top of redline if the chair is running.  It is the only section of the mountain that is closed and we can’t afford to lose our chair license.  As tempting as it is, our patrol deserves respect for understanding that Magic skiers tend to venture beyond the groomed terrain.

We of course have to thank Jim Sullivan for being a manager who is not afraid to flip burgers himself if it means we free up resources to blow more snow.  I liked the decision to stay open longer that beautiful spring day so that everyone could make up for the lost half hour during the Red Chair’s only “time out” of the season.

And we must not forget the man behind the curtain, Tom Barker.  Tom and Nancy have given themselves to the mountain since the day it reopened.  Steadfastly dedicated to keeping this hill open through 12 years of ups and downs.  Tom, congrats on retirement it is a great comfort to have you here full time.

Lastly, Magic skiers are the most devoted group of people we have met.  Thank you for not taking the easier route and believing in your mountain.  The attitude around the hill was unbelievable this year.  We knew we had to join together to keep our mountain open.  As the season went on, people who had only been faces in the bar were sitting at our dining room table.   New friendships were made and many new pass and shareholders joined on without ever having skied Magic before.

Great accomplishments were achieved this season thanks to everyone on the hill.  The hard work is showing and we believe the Magic Partnership has a future.  As devoted Magic skiers we have a unique ability…we have been given the gift of limitless Magic clichés.

There is a lot of Magic in the Air, keep it coming and spread the word.